Maderth: Olympic Escapades

Kobold Ambush!!

Still slowly making their way through treacherous ground, the group is attacked ambush style by a gang of little lizard men and their pet alligator. The little dudes had encircled the party and was intent on Surprising the group. However, Lorelei spotted them in time to warn the others and she also identified the attackers as Kobolds, Montoya called out to them in Common and tried to warn them that this carriage was no easy mark. The head Kobold made a derisive snort and began to swing his sling, the others followed suit. The Kobolds had encircled the carriage at somewhat of a distance, so that battle that ensued was all missile attacks on both sides at first. The Kobolds used their small size and high grass for cover. Mattratech, not having a missile option tried to make his way towards the leader and gator. In the first round of combat Pythian , Klubb, & Neros were all struck by sling stones for minor damage. However, for every minor bruise the little snots were able to inflict our heros were killing one of them with Arrows and Bolts. Sidenote: DM was having a grand old time describing where the missiles struck…Montoya hit the leader right between his eyes, and Lorelei made a Crotch Shot!…etc etc. By the 2nd round the Kobolds were already routed and running away. 2 more Kobolds fell as they fled. Only one escaped, and the Gator had also slipped into deeper waters and escaped before being made into a hand bag by Mat who did manage to hit it once. On the leader was a bag of various coins totaling 15gp value. (Collected “Taxes” from other carriages, and nearby 2 Large Bags of Peaches from the Peach Grove cart that passed by earlier.

COMBAT ENCOUNTER: 7 Kobolds and 1 Alligator
Rewards: 25xp each character, 4xp for Lorelei for spoiling surprise and for ID’ing the bag guys using her Nature Knowledge. 4xp for Montoya in his attempt to turn this into a social encounter and for targeting the animal trainer thus reducing the Gator’s potential of doing some damage. The Peaches are lying in muck, and there are more where they came from but the loose pouch of coins can be divided up later or just used as party kitty.



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