Maderth: Olympic Escapades

Kobold Ambush!!

Still slowly making their way through treacherous ground, the group is attacked ambush style by a gang of little lizard men and their pet alligator. The little dudes had encircled the party and was intent on Surprising the group. However, Lorelei spotted them in time to warn the others and she also identified the attackers as Kobolds, Montoya called out to them in Common and tried to warn them that this carriage was no easy mark. The head Kobold made a derisive snort and began to swing his sling, the others followed suit. The Kobolds had encircled the carriage at somewhat of a distance, so that battle that ensued was all missile attacks on both sides at first. The Kobolds used their small size and high grass for cover. Mattratech, not having a missile option tried to make his way towards the leader and gator. In the first round of combat Pythian , Klubb, & Neros were all struck by sling stones for minor damage. However, for every minor bruise the little snots were able to inflict our heros were killing one of them with Arrows and Bolts. Sidenote: DM was having a grand old time describing where the missiles struck…Montoya hit the leader right between his eyes, and Lorelei made a Crotch Shot!…etc etc. By the 2nd round the Kobolds were already routed and running away. 2 more Kobolds fell as they fled. Only one escaped, and the Gator had also slipped into deeper waters and escaped before being made into a hand bag by Mat who did manage to hit it once. On the leader was a bag of various coins totaling 15gp value. (Collected “Taxes” from other carriages, and nearby 2 Large Bags of Peaches from the Peach Grove cart that passed by earlier.

COMBAT ENCOUNTER: 7 Kobolds and 1 Alligator
Rewards: 25xp each character, 4xp for Lorelei for spoiling surprise and for ID’ing the bag guys using her Nature Knowledge. 4xp for Montoya in his attempt to turn this into a social encounter and for targeting the animal trainer thus reducing the Gator’s potential of doing some damage. The Peaches are lying in muck, and there are more where they came from but the loose pouch of coins can be divided up later or just used as party kitty.

A Cartload of Golden Goodness

Watto and the party encountered a smaller cart coming towards them from Peach Grove loaded with peaches to sell in the farmer’s markets of Antipatria. At first the gang was nervous and had weapons ready but breathed easier when Watto and the other driver hailed each other. After a little small talk, Klubb and a few others bought Peaches right off the cart….2 for a silver. (-8sp from the kitty) Klubb’s mood was much improved, with peach bits and juice dripping off his beard he sang an ancient old dwarven limerick to himself about “Goin’ to the country…gonna eat a buncha peaches” The rich food was too much for Schlactor however, who went out into the swamp to drop his kids in the pool and never came back. After a half hearted attempt to find him, and finding no trace the caravan continued on. (Nobody really liking the weird druid much anyway).

SOCIAL ENCOUNTER: 1XP each character for not blindly slaughtering an innocent commoner, which for this group of players is saying something if the Straub campaign proves anything.

Snakes! Why Did it Have to be Snakes?

The next morning, the party met Watto at Antipatria’s town gate, and they headed South. The cropland on the outskirts of town, eventually became grassland, then forest. In a forest clearing, they made camp. A meager meal of beans and jerky was provided by Watto. Pontoons were added to the side of the wagon to enable the horses to pull the wagon through the murk and muck of the swamp to come. Watto making the trip many times before was able to keep the wagon more or less on dry land moving at quarter speed. Often, the wheels would mire down in the muck and the party would have to push/pull it free. (Except Montoya, who remained “On Lookout” with Watto on the cart) Matriatech from his position in front and to the left was the first to perceive movement in the high grass to his left The Caravan stopped and he moved to investigate as he drew closer he discovered a “Nest” of 4 GIANT POISONOUS COTTONMOUTH SNAKES. He rushed into melee with his Great Two Handed Sword. CHOP! A Snake head flew through the air. Klubb rushed in to support the Paladin in Melee while the rest of the party launched missile attacks. The serpents were unable to get through Mat’s chain mail, and he was able to send another head flying. Klubb was unable to strike the serpents with his hammer, and was unfortunately bitten on the shoulder by a strike. Fortunately, thanks to his Dwarven heritage the poisonous venom effected him about as much as an average tankard of Dwarven Ale. The other 2 snakes fell from the barrage of missile attacks. After combat, Klubb thought to look around the snakes nesting area and found a half decomposed, rotting human corpse with 15sp held together in what was left of the poor victims belt pouch. Side Note: As DM was describing the corpse the big, brave, dark assassin with no name let out a girly Eeeeuuwww!. LOL :)

COMBAT ENCOUNTER REWARDS: 30XP for Mat, 30XP for Klubb, 25XP for everyone else. The 15sp Klubb found. 1 Inspiration for Klubb for giving the snakes another target and not leaving the Paladin out on an island on his own.

At the Drunken Goat

The group met up in The Drunken Goat Inn in the town of Antipatria. They were from all walks of life but shared a passion for adventure and decided at least temporarily that there was safety in numbers. In fact they were the largest and rowdiest group staying at the Inn. There was Pythian a Human Ranger on a personal mission to slay the Hobgoblin tribe who destroyed his homeland, Montoya Indigostone a Lightfoot Halfling Rogue of Noble birth, Klubb Willhammer a loud, rambunctious Mountain Dwarf from BloodSteel Tower who really, really want’s to hunt zombies, and Neros Rikkardas a pirate who went in-land to escape his past. In addition to these “Big Four” they hooked up with another party of three: Matretich, a Noble Paladin, A mysterious Girl with No Name dressed all in black, & Lorelei, a female warrior who traveled together. There was also Schlactor, a human Druid who didn’t say or do much. While everyone got to know each other and make a lot of commotion they drew the attention of Watto Steriotypicas and some of the other caravan merchants who begin to speak loudly of their troubles getting goods to the Village of Peach Grove to the south. The caravan route is washed away with swamp water making the trip treacherous, and what’s more, the caravans have been raided by both little Lizard Men and Man-Sized Frog Creatures. Klubb noticed them first and was about to offer their services when Montoya leaped from the table, leapfrogged over the Dwarf and began negotiations, figuring he was more the smooth talker. Watto however was a hook-nosed, gravely voiced, cockroach of a man and extreamly stingy. Watto was talking silver pieces and Montoya was talking gold pieces, and it got to the point where Watto was insulting the party with his low-ball offers and to compensate Montoya was getting ridiculous in his demands for the escort service. After much negotiation, and Pythian’s mediation, Montoya and Watto agree to terms. 8gp (1 each) Now and 8gp (1 each) when they reach Peach Grove.

SOCIAL ENCOUNTER REWARDS: 2XP for Montoya, 2XP for Pythian, 1XP for everyone else. Plus the contracted gold. 1 Inspiration for Montoya for bearing the brunt of negotiating with Watto and for playing up his Noble personality trait. Also Watto as a potential useful if not pleasant NPC contact.

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