Maderth: Olympic Escapades

A Cartload of Golden Goodness

Watto and the party encountered a smaller cart coming towards them from Peach Grove loaded with peaches to sell in the farmer’s markets of Antipatria. At first the gang was nervous and had weapons ready but breathed easier when Watto and the other driver hailed each other. After a little small talk, Klubb and a few others bought Peaches right off the cart….2 for a silver. (-8sp from the kitty) Klubb’s mood was much improved, with peach bits and juice dripping off his beard he sang an ancient old dwarven limerick to himself about “Goin’ to the country…gonna eat a buncha peaches” The rich food was too much for Schlactor however, who went out into the swamp to drop his kids in the pool and never came back. After a half hearted attempt to find him, and finding no trace the caravan continued on. (Nobody really liking the weird druid much anyway).

SOCIAL ENCOUNTER: 1XP each character for not blindly slaughtering an innocent commoner, which for this group of players is saying something if the Straub campaign proves anything.



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